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Mini Stories of The Isles
Orundul’s Mole
In keeping with many Pagan folklores and beliefs, Orundul had a mole, and it glowed. Orundal was a humanoid Forester from a species called Bolgs not present now-a-days as the last died on Maiden in the Era:4 Post Separation of Xabion. He never became a Demi God, but his legend precedes him.
Like most of his species, he lived solitary in dark forests. They’re mostly blind as the forests are so thick that light never reaches there, and they live down deep dwells for when the sun does seep in.
Whilst foraging for roots, he comes across a lost Noble’s Son who had fled from assassins into the forest. But in the darkness, the Son could not see the gizmo granted to him by the Tinkers which told him the North, East and South from the West. And as Bolg never needed to know directions - as they never left the forest – Orundul couldn’t help the Son.
All the son needed was light to work his gadget. Bolgs use no fire for they work by darkness, and Orundu
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This is a horrible story.
Has anyone else heard this? I can't find the link but I think its horrible and I had to share it.  It happened a long time ago, but it's still not being understood by so many people.  Ok, so here it is.
A Dad came home to find his twins, a girl and a boy I believe, at home alone. They don't have a mum and when the dad's off doing stuff, they're just left to their own devices.
The dad even admits that the kids were never any trouble. Literally, they were brilliant. But these are people who have never known the real world or should be allowed to make their own decisions, right? Not even sent to school I believe. Just doing what this one guy is telling them to do. They've just been left in the garden to play every day whilst the dad's gone.
So then he comes back, finds that the girl has ruined his guitar. Dunno how, but he told her repeatedly not to touch it and she did and now its ruined. Even though some kid next door told her to go get it (because this guy is famous and this
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Fake Cyadnide and Appiness Comic by dangel88 Fake Cyadnide and Appiness Comic :icondangel88:dangel88 2 1
The Pantinium Blade Chapter Two
A Rude Awakening

Tara groaned against the thumping in her head and forced herself to sit up.  She was swamped in darkness, but when her eyes adjusted, all she saw were trees!  Her mouth was agape as she peered about the canopy, dark due to the night sky glimpsed through a rough opening amidst the branches.    
      Shaky on her feet, Tara stood and instinctively fished her mobile from her pocket.  She couldn’t find her bag, but she didn’t care for it as she turned her mobile on.  As soon as it loaded, she punched in Mum’s number and waited eagerly for it to ring.  It never did.  In fact, it beeped a few times before the line went dead. There wasn’t a single bar in her signal and not even the emergency service number worked.   It was like she was in the middle of nowhere!    
       Suddenly feeling as if she was being watched, Tara turned on the spot to peer at t
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Nature by dangel88 Nature :icondangel88:dangel88 1 0
Stray Angel
Chapter One
Sky Fire
An explosion erupted and Ameasha’s eyes opened to a room on fire.  She leapt out of bed to run for the door, stopping only long enough to see her bedroom wasn’t actually alight, but aglow.      
       She jumped over the bed and tore open the curtains where she was forced to squint against the heat.  She saw the heavens were on fire and the clouds resembled embers, tumbling into and over each other as flecks of fire rained.  Thatched roofs further into the village ignited and, soon, her home on the outskirts would fall victim to the same fate.  
      In burst Father, his face orange in the glow, his eyes wide in the sights outside her window.  He grabbed her, relieved to see her awake, but her older sister, Hlyton, broke them up.  “We need to be escaping!” she demanded.
      “Wait!  I’ll find him,” Father pleaded and rushe
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Malron The Brown by dangel88 Malron The Brown :icondangel88:dangel88 1 0
The Pantinium Blade Chapter One
A Normal School Day
The Art and Design workshop was empty when Tara entered and she stood for a moment to breathe deep the scent of powdered paint and paper.  She didn’t know if it was weird, but she compared the feeling to that of sinking into a steamy bathtub spilling bubbles.  
Tara instantly unwound and smiled at the walls of artworks ranging in style and quality, but each with a uniqueness that made Tara want to create.  It might have been down to the fact that art was the only thing she was actually good at, but she didn’t dwell and chose a secluded window seat in the corner of the room.    
This term’s project was to draw and render a famous person in a colour matching their personality.  It was a wasted assignment, but that’s what their lesson had succumbed to whilst their usual art teacher, Miss Chechiana, was absent.  Tara still gave it her best, of course.  That is, she put a load of names and colours i
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Me by dangel88 Me :icondangel88:dangel88 0 6 Suds N Bubs by dangel88 Suds N Bubs :icondangel88:dangel88 0 0 Stop Violence, FULL STOP by dangel88 Stop Violence, FULL STOP :icondangel88:dangel88 33 120 Ren Kitty at Night... by dangel88 Ren Kitty at Night... :icondangel88:dangel88 3 9 WoW Mel on Chopper by dangel88 WoW Mel on Chopper :icondangel88:dangel88 3 14 They said what now? by dangel88 They said what now? :icondangel88:dangel88 4 23 Ren Kitty At Leisure Time by dangel88 Ren Kitty At Leisure Time :icondangel88:dangel88 2 6 Hitler and Captain America Pig by dangel88 Hitler and Captain America Pig :icondangel88:dangel88 4 24


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Hey! I was on a nostalgia trip and found my emails with you while going through my old email address! I still loved editing your story, I actually use that sometimes and mention it in job interviews still haha. Hope things are going well!
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Thank you so much for the watch!
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Honestly my pleasure.  your artwork is so fun.  
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Sure would be nice to see an update soon - been concerned, and wondering how you are doing!
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happy birthday!

So have you heard about amazon self publishing? don't know the specifics but i think you can give them your book and they'll put it on for sale. just an idea
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:cake::party::squee:Happy Birthday!!!:squee::party::cake:
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Wherever you are, I hope this year will be better for you than last year!
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Hellooooooooo!!! Anybody home? Anybody?

Good! Everything in the fridge is MINE!!
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